TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS in the field of specific devices, specific CNC machines

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Technical solutions - We offer you in one place technical solutions with a wide range of knowledge and experience

We offer technical solutions in the field of dedicated CNC machines, devices, control and programming. We can design and build for you the right machine, device, interface or control system depending on your needs and specifications.

For a specific CNC machine, we create a dedicated CAM program for you, which, by entering data via a graphical interface, ensures ease of machine management without knowledge of programming in G code. We also adapt the control CNC program completely to your needs, include appropriate sensors, switches and other elements such as, for example Actuators, position measuring bar, etc. All those are also conceptually included in the work program itself (G code).

We offer upgrades of conventional machines to CNC. We offer training and technical support to our customers in the transition to the new way of working.

We also offer the manufacture of other different microprocessor-controlled devices and systems for use in other fields. For example, agriculture, private use, etc. Monitoring of the event can be carried out via a control panel, PC or mobile phone. Local or remote control is possible so that we can securely access the device or system from anywhere. For example remote monitoring and control of the greenhouse, dosing of nutrients, etc…

We also offer the development and manufacture of various mechanical parts, assemblies or electronic mechanical assemblies along with the manufacture of the appropriate electronics.

Technical solutions - machine upgrade
Machine upgrade
Technical solutions - CAM
Cam software for easy generation of the machine's G code
Tchnical solutions - Mechanical parts
Mechanical Parts
  • manufacturing cnc machines
  • device manufacturing
  • control system
  • production of work preparations
  • upgrading machines
  • modernization of devices
  • manufacture of specific parts
  • CAM interface programming
  • CNC programming
  • other software
  • training and technical support


Manufacture of devices and accessories

We offer you the production of specific devices and accessories. Devices may be partially or fully automatized


Upgrading devices

Upgrading and modernizing devices. Processing of conventional machines on CNC.


Manufacture of specific parts

We offer the manufacture of specific electrical mechanical parts


Specific CAM and other software

Programming specific CAM software for dedicated CNC machines