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The lighting units P2 are energy saving. They are designed and constructed for the pretentious conditions in the humid and corrosive environment ( condens, salt, water drops, high relative humidity). The ellectronic ballast is installed in the tighten aluminium housing. Due to aluminium's s outstanding heat conductivity the ellectronic ballast has a low working temperature. These assure  P2 units to have a long life time and the optimum working conditions.


They are avaiable in the variants with one or two tubes from 24-160W . They have the possibility of gradually dawning and growing dark within the range of 1-100%. The assembly is in the cover of aquarium, vivarium, paladarium.. By custom order we offer The lighting unit P2 with hanging assembly on steel cord, that is done simply with elements for quick fasten. At this assembly the lighting units P2 can be connected together (2x.+1x. or 2x.+2x.). To obtain maximum effiency the type of parabolic reflectors are recommended to be placed. The type of parabolic reflector is choosen regarding lighting intenion. See page  Reflectors


P2 unit is in a varint by grounding clip.




  • aquaristic
  • vivaristic
  • floristic
  • rooms with high humidity



the lighting units 2x.+1x. with connecting element by hanging assembly



Lightening unit P2 Lenght l (mm) Width w (mm) Height h (mm)
P2 1x24W 642 110 46
P2 1x39W 942 110 46
P2 1x54W 1242 110 46
P2 1x80W 1542 110 46
P2 2x24W 642 160 46
P2 2x39W 942 160 46
P2 2x54W 1242 160 46
P2 2x80W 1542 160 46
P2 2x24W reg. 642 160 46
P2 2x39W reg. 942 160 46
P2 2x54W reg. 1242 160 46
P2 2x80W reg. 1542 160 46