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Reflectors are designed to obtain the maximum possible efficency at directed light source. The lighting source emits around itself constant light output. The reflector redirects this light output precisly to in advanced  defined desirous area. With the use of the proper reflector the light current of the directed light source is essentialy increased from minimum 50 till 500%. In case there is no reflector placed or it is made of unsuitable material or it has irregular shape there will be substantial losses. In practise this means we can get by the same electric power a few times more or less light than we could.


The offer includes the wide range top-level reflectors of own development for T5, T8 and compact tubes. They are made of highly technologic reflective material with 95% reflection.






S Line are simplier reflectors basicly designed for T8 tubes. For the use by T5 tubes PRO Line (parabolic) reflectors are recommended due to their higher optical effiency.



The light source with S Line reflectors reaches in average from 120-140% more light than without them.





  • aquaristic

  • vivaristic

  • floristic

  • effective upgrading of older lighting

Avaiable are in 11 standard lenghts:


Reflectors T5/T8 S Line Tube lenght (mm)
Reflector T8 15W S Line 438
Reflector T8 18W S Line 590
Reflector T8 25W S Line 742
Reflector T8 30W S Line 895
Reflector T8 38W S Line 1047
Reflector T8 36W S Line 1200
Reflector T8 58W S Line 1500
Reflector T5 24W S Line 549
Reflector T5 39W S Line 849
Reflector T5 54W S Line 1149
Reflector T5 80W S Line 1449